The worst defeat the history Manchester United

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Open 6 statistics, the worst defeat in the history of Manchester United after losing to Liverpool 7-0.

Manchester United were defeated 7-0 by their fiercest rivals, Liverpool. But was it their worst defeat yet? The statistics below will tell you.

1. Worst defeat in Manchester United history?

The worst defeats in Manchester United history have been a 7-0 loss they have faced four times against Blackburn Rovers on April 10, 1926, Aston Villa on April 19, 1926. on December 27, 1930, Wolverhampton Wanderers on December 26, 1931 and most recently against Liverpool on March 5, 2023.

2. Worst home defeat in history?

Manchester United’s home defeat record stands at six goals. This has happened three times, with Aston Villa losing 6-0 on March 14, 1914, Newcastle 7-1 on September 10. 1927 and Huddersfield Town 6-0 on September 10, 1930.

3. Worst away defeat in Manchester United history?

Of course, being squandered by Liverpool 7 is undoubtedly the worst away loss in Manchester United’s history, just like the first one. Which is followed by a 6-0 attack against Leicester in 1961, and was also used by Ipswich 6-0 in 1980.

4. Worst Premier League defeat in Manchester United history?

That’s another one! Losing 7-0 against Liverpool in the last match It was the worst Premier League defeat in Manchester United history.

In fact, they have lost by five goals five times, with Manchester City 6-1 on October 23, 2011 and Tottenham Hotspur 6-1 on October 23, 2011. October 4, 2020 They then lost 5-0 at home to Liverpool on October 24, 2021.

They also lost 5-0 to Newcastle United on October 20, 1996 and Chelsea 5-0 on October 3, 1999.

5. Worst European defea history?

Manchester United’s worst European defeat in history was a 5-0 loss to Sporting Lisbon in the quarter-finals of the Cup Winners’ Cup on March 18, 1964.

6. Worst Champions League defeat history?

The worst Champions League defeat in United’s history since the 1992-93 renovation was a 4-0 loss to Barcelona in the 1994-95 group stage.