William Saliba fortress that could lead Arsenal

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William Saliba, the modern steel fortress that could lead Arsenal to lift the championship trophy.

Since moving from Saint-Etienne in his homeland to play with Arsenal in the Premier League for a fee of 27 million pounds in 2019, young French centre-half William Saliba has It took up to 3 years to become a player in the first team of “Cannon”

After completing his contract with Arsenal. Saliba was sent back to Saint-Etienne on loan. Follow by Nice and Olympique Marseille. Which many consider. The future of the owner in the Emirates Stadium is uncertain.

However, this season Saliba’s path with Arsenal is bright again. After developing himself into an important force in the first team of “The Big Guns” under the leadership of Spanish coach Mikel Arteta already

Of course, at only 21 years old, Saliba still has a lot to learn. And develop some more. But Arteta and the Arsenal coaching staff team are convinced that Continuously playing on the field will increase the experience as well.

In the past season at Marseille before returning to Arsenal defender Frenchman. Working so strong that. He was call up to the senior French national team in March last year. And was named as the Ligue 1 Young Player Year at the end of the season.

Saliba has continued his impressive form this season. By playing on the field for Arsenal, including all items, up to 29 games, scoring 2 goals, and causing the partisan “The Gunners” to hold the crowd in the Premier League beyond expectations

Saliba was in charge of Arsenal’s defence, alongside Brazilian defender Gabriel Magalhaes. in a perfect way. Which makes Arteta come out to appreciate that It’s the best defensive match I’ve ever seen.

With Saliba in place alongside Magalhaes, Arsenal have conceded only 25 goals in 26 games, making them the second-lowest conceded side in the Premier League after Newcastle United. Only one team, with the partisan  losing 17 goals.

confidence to play And Saliba’s strength has made him one of the Premier League’s most dominant centre-backs this season, in response to previous criticism that Unlikely to survive playing in England

That Arsenal preparing to hand Saliba to extend. New contract from the original that expires in 2024. after the Brazilian striker Gabriel Martinelli. Who recently extended the contract earlier

Of course, the consistency of French defender with playing at a high level has not yet proven. And there are clear points for further improvement. But when looking at the current form, Saliba has shown that Able to develop into a top-level defender in football

At the same time, if Arsenal catches Saliba to extend a new contract successfully It was announce. that They will the defensive pillar of every competition for years to come.