Salah reveals his future or will he stay after Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool?

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Salah reveals his future or will he stay after Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool?

Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has spoken out about his own football future. After Jurgen Klopp’s announcement of his departure from the team this summer.

Although shocked by his beloved boss’ decision.

Salah sees the departure as normal. Even he himself will have to move from Liverpool one day as well

Mohamed Salah, striker for Liverpool team After Jurgen Klopp decision ufabet That is vying for the Premier League championship at this time. Has come out to talk about his own football future 

“No, no, that’s normal. It’s already a part of life. Everything can always change,” the Egyptian national team striker answered the question. Did Klopp’s decision play a role in his decision to stay with the team?

Before this, players have left the team. It is very important that players leave the club. The coach is also important to the club. But he is leaving the team as well.”

“One day I too will have to change teams. But this matter is not related to Klopp announcing his departure from the club,” Salah stated.

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian striker of Liverpool, the top team of the English Premier League, has confirmed his departure from Anfield at the end of this season from Jurgen Klopp, the team’s manager.

“Before this, there were players who moved out. And a very important player. The manager is also very important to the club and he is leaving. One day I will have to leave the club as well, but no (Klopp’s departure has no effect on my future).