Out of condition Neville Manchester United star embarrassing

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Out of condition Neville Manchester United star for being embarrassing.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has hit out at Bruno Fernandes for acting ashamed during the Red Devils’ 7-0 Premier League defeat to Liverpool

Erik ten Hag’s side scored six goals in the second half. And lost by the lowest score since Boxing Day 1931.

Neville criticized Bruno for feigning injuries in second-half clashes with Ibrahima Konate and Alisson Becker.

“He raised his hand and asked, ‘Why haven’t I been substituted?’ Honestly. I think some of his behavior in the second half was disgraceful,” said Neville.

Ask about United’s performance of the game, Neville added: “The first 40 minutes is what I would call a classic away performance at Anfield. And it looks like they’ll get a goal and move on in the second half.

“Second half was a real disgrace, chaos, especially Bruno Fernandes. Who was disgraceful. It was full of chaos in this game.”

“But I have to say it’s not their usual performance. It’s not their normal spirit and form. Ten Hag will deal with it, I’m sure, just as he has dealt with a lot of other difficult issues.

However, sources in Manchester United have reportedly revealed that Indeed, the Red Devils midfielder did not want to leave the pitch, as Neville claimed, instead simply signaled to ask Erik ten Hag on the sidelines about his new position. only clear