Liverpool 7-0 Man United: Collect after the Premier League game

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Liverpool 7-0 Man United: Collect after the Premier League game, the red battle, the Reds are unstoppable.

The most overwhelming red in history

7-0, who would have thought. That this number would happen in the game “Red Fury” plus an underdog team like Liverpool. Who before the match was intimidate by almost every statistic available. This season, including various numbers. Including performance on the field as a side? won with a unanimous decisive victory Of course, besides being the worst red hot in history. It Manchester United worst defeat in 90 years. Which it happen. When they were in the most uptrend This is what proves that the meeting of these two teams. Previous work had almost no effect because it was purely a matter of “prestige”, to the point that some football fans said that It’s better to fall off the floor than to lose to your opponent forever like this.

Man United fans prepare to go to the jungle

Entering the forest here means going to the secluded league and living a solitary life. Try to contact as few friends as possible. Especially friends in the social media world. Because, of course, earlier, since the beginning of the season. It seemed to be the Reds fans who were bombarded from the attack at Rajamangala to the performance in the league. Which all the things that had teas almost lost their meaning. After hit with a simple 7-0 like this until the repression was released to hit the Red Devils fans in full. Fortunately, Monday is a holiday, so Man followers U, many of you will have one more day to calm down before heading out to face the harsh realities this coming Tuesday.

liverpool gold

This game has to watch the Liverpool players for the whole team, whether it is an offensive line or defensive line, who can leverage the divine form at the right place, at the right time, to do everything well, which is the source of this overwhelming score. Konate was able to elevate the Reds’ defensive line significantly since the two matches before they kept a clean sheet, as well as being more certain, not easily missing as before. The whole offensive line “New Carroll” (Darwin Nunez) and “Uncle General of Ban Kok Kok” (Cody Kakpo) return to play unusually well as different people, including Mo Salah, which we have not seen form. The best from this guy for a long time. In addition, today’s midfield game, Fabinho Elliott and Henderson. That is being heavily criticize can overshadow the aura of hot-form players like Bruno and Casemiro. Completely With this performance, it creates hope for Reds fans. That if they can play like this at the Bernabeu at 0-4, it doesn’t seem too far away from their dreams.

Man United releases joy after hitting the second child

In the first half, although the Reds only took a 1-0 lead. But I must say. That the game image is still evenly matched and seems to able to turn around all the time. Until the start of the second half for only 3 minutes. The home team add two children. Which seems to cause the “heart” of the Manchester United players noticeably constrict. Which is known that their bodies that have to fight hard in all types of programs that the main body must be on the field all the time, no rooting. after hitting the second It became a tragedy for the last 45 minutes that no matter what I did, it looked awful. Go all the way to the opponent, don’t chase, don’t fight, let go of joy until you get hit with 7 goals in the end

Liverpool – ghosts with goals after the end of the season

With 3 points in this game, Liverpool move up to 5th place with 42 points from 25 games. Only 3 points behind Spurs, ranked 4th. But the Golden Spurs played more than 1 match. Giving the Reds a chance to be in the top 4 of the Reds. back open again Of course, that’s their goal. Who seems to be satisfie with their bad form in the past. While Manchester United, despite playing 1 game less than Arsenal, but scores 14 points behind. It turns out that the fans Some Red Devils are starting to give up and accept the fact they may not be good enough to challenge for the title this season. Maybe keeping the top four and concentrating on other trophies would be a better idea.