English Premier League Sunday night, March 5, with the score table

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English Premier League Sunday night, March 5, with the score table: Liverpool beats Manchester United, Everton draws.

English Premier League battle  There were just two matches last night: Nottingham Forest v Everton and Liverpool v Manchester United.

Summary of football results Premier League last night 5 March 2023

Nottingham Forest 2-2 Everton
(Johnson 19, 77 / Gray 10 Doucure 29)

The early game at the City Ground featured two relegation-defying sides, with the visitors taking the lead from Demarai Gray’s penalty spot in the 10th minute. Before Brenden John nine minutes later. San will come to score an equalizer for the team to succeed. Shortly thereafter, Abdoulaye Doocoure came to head again to give the visiting team the lead. And had to wait until the end of the game when the same Brenden Johnson scored a 2-2 draw before finally finishing with a point split.

Liverpool 7-0 Manchester United
(Capo 43, 50 Nunez 47, 75 Salah 66, 83 Firmino 88)

Ending a humiliating game at Anfield. The first half was even, but it was Cody Duckpo who gave the team the lead before the end of the first half. Until the second half, the Reds received two quick goals from Darwin Nunez before Kakpo and Nunez, including Mo Salah and Bobby Firmino, came to shoot without the face of the Red Devils. Can’t fight with anything at all.

Score table after the end of the day

ratingteamscoregoal difference
2Manchester City58+41
3Man United49+6
7Fulham39+ 5