How to play pokdeng bounce is not difficult.

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How to play pokdeng bounce is not difficult.

What kind of winning cards are there? Just like this, you can easily make money from this card game. So let’s look at the ways to play that we have gathered for everyone as follows.

  • playing 3 cards

The bounce card is not only a card score and 2-3 bounces, but there is also a chance that we can win up to 5 times the stake. By playing 3 cards, in the event that the game goes on, the dealer doesn’t hold the first 2 cards, the 3 cards will have three, sort, master and color. Playing cards in color are the cards that we have already explained. In the first, 3 cards of the same suit can call 3 bounces or a color card. As for the triple card, it is all 3 cards of the same type, the payout is 5 times the stake. 

A cascading card is a card from 2 to 10 in a row, for example our first 2 cards are a 2 – 3 card. Which is a total of 5 points. But we are not satisfied with the points only, call for 1 more card when it comes to playing a 4 point card. Come in, it’s a card in a sequence of 2 – 3 – 4 that gets a payout of 3 times the stake. Master cards are cards that are arrange. But will be cards 10 – A, for example, we hold cards 10 – J, which have no points, when calling 1 more card to be Q, it will be equal to getting a master card in a row, which is 10 – J – Q.

And all this is how to play both 2 card and 3 card, including counting and winning in the game that we recommend everyone. At the beginning of the game. Everyone will dealt 2 cards each. Can call more cards when it reaches 1 more playing round. If the hand points low or the cards. They can go on UFABET.

  • card counting

Counting the card points in the game of Pokdeng. We have already told some in the beginning. But it’s part of the poker and bounce cards only. But this kind of card points also have a variety of points together. By counting the points that will count according to the face value of the card. Which is 2 – 9 points, for the 10 cards, JQK will be count as 0 points. Use as a control of the other card points Or add bounce to general cards. That come out of the same flower, for example, a 6 + K card. A different card will be count as a normal 6-point card. But if a 6 + K club card is the same.

It will counted as a 6-point bounce card. If the dealer’s point is less than the point card Normal pays 1 times the stake. Bounce cards pay 2 times the stake. But if in the case of 3 cards 6 + K + J. The clubs are the same, all 3 cards will count as 6 points, 3 bounces. If winning the dealer will receive a payout of 3 times the stake, etc. But if the dealer has 8 poker cards -9. The game will end immediately from the first round. Because the dealer has already won all of them. But if Pokdeng hits the dealer. You will get your capital back.