Dice lovers don’t miss it. Including shake-up gambling games

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Dice lovers don’t miss it. Including shake-up gambling games.

Dice lovers don’t miss it. Including shake-up gambling games on online casinos. The matter of fortune telling, in addition to the lottery and playing cards Dice is another gambling device that is equally popular, both easy to play, and diverse playing styles. 

Can use for many gambling games Just place a bet. Shake it and win points. It’s really just that and today. I’m going to take everyone to know the gambling game. That uses as the main device to play at UFABET online casino. What gambling games does he have that are dice?


Sic Bo is consider another game. That is very popular in Online casinos around the world. The style of playing is similar to the local dice. To use the same three.The basic bets are the same. It can call a universal hi-lo. 

But one thing that differs is that there are different types of betting options. The pay rate is higher But the highlight is that it is a gambling game. Where players can choose the level of risk they want by themselves. because on the betting board will show the payout rate already This makes it easier for players to make decisions.

Super Hi-Lo color

Anyone who is bore with shaking the 6-sided try this one. Although using the same 3 dice, it is definitely more brutal than before. Because he uses a 12-sided to play. But if you look at the rate of payment. It is consider quite worth it because the payment is quite high. As for the stabbing styles, there will be from color stabbing, animal stabbing. Where each animal has its own point. and the rate of payment is different. or even betting on dice numbers in general are available as well

gourd, crab, fish

The ultimate gambling game that is very classic. Must give this game gourd, crab, fish that we have been familiar with since the days when it was a gambling game on a paper board. It can be easily purchased at a store near your home. Until today, it has become another gambling game that has been brought up in online casino Although it is modern, it still retains the original playing style.

Which is to use 3 6-sided to shake and predict the outcome. But the that are used will the faces of different animals. Such as chicken, shrimp, tiger, crab, fish. and gourds, with each face having a different point value from 1-6, most bets are based on guessing the on what animal faces will come out If we guessed correctly, that’s all we’d win.