Stroke, recognize it quickly and treat it quickly.

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Stroke, recognize it quickly and treat it quickly.

Cerebrovascular disease or stroke is a cerebral ischemia caused by narrowing, blockage, or bleeding in the brain. or symptoms of a cerebral hemorrhage This makes blood unable to reach the brain, causing brain cells to lack oxygen. resulting in brain death

cerebrovascular disease is the number 2 disease with the death rate of Thai people. Secondary to cancer Although it is mostly found in people who are older. This is because blood vessels deteriorate with age. But people of all genders and ages can get it too.

Therefore, knowing the cause Know how to protect and has been properly maintained It will be able to reduce the violence that will occur.

Causes of stroke

1. Vascular degeneration in the brain or hardened arteries Atherosclerosis (Atherosclerosis) is caused by the accumulation of fat in the arterial walls that deteriorate from smoking. Eating fatty foods High blood pressure and diabetes
2. Cerebral arteries blocked by blood clots or pieces of fat that floated away Important risk factors are Having an arrhythmia Diseases of the heart valves or an enlarged heart.
3. Cerebral artery rupture. from uncontrolled high blood pressure or cannot control well or aneurysm

Risk factors that cause the disease

1. High blood pressure. is an important risk factor Because it makes the blood vessel walls weak. Blood vessels therefore break easily.
2. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen. and increases the viscosity of blood vessels This causes insufficient blood supply to various parts, especially the brain. Therefore causing paralysis
3. High blood sugar. Makes blood vessel walls thicker and is narrowed, causing blood to flow inconveniently Not enough to nourish the brain.
4. High blood fat. Both cholesterol And triglycerides cause fat clumps to stick to the artery walls. It causes thickening and narrowing of blood vessels. Insufficient blood flow to the brain.
5. Incorrect consumption. Obesity from eating too much Eating foods high in salt and fat, drinking a lot of alcohol on a regular basis Will cause high blood pressure. High fat and blood sugar Will increase the risk of paralysis.
6. History of heart disease. Will increase the risk of paralysis. Must be controlled to remain in normal condition
7. Heredity: People who have a father, mother, sibling, or direct relative and have a history of cerebrovascular disease have a higher risk of having it.