Reduce the risk of 7 groups of chronic diseases By eating vegetables and fruits

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Reduce the risk of 7 groups of chronic diseases By eating vegetables and fruits.

The World Health Organization (WHO-World Health Organization) states that eating at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day will reduce the ufabet risk of NCDs or chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and cancer.

But what’s interesting is that diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and cancer are among the 7 chronic disease groups. with a high risk of death If infected with Covid

Therefore, eating vegetables and fruits during COVID There should be cleaning and correct eating choices. To reduce the risk of getting COVID infection into the body.

How to eat vegetables and fruits safely

1. You should wash purchased vegetables and fruits immediately before storing them in the refrigerator. To reduce the amount of germs that may be transmitted It also helps reduce contaminants or pesticides as well.
2. Side vegetables that come with meals outside the house should always be washed again before eating.
3. When eating outside the house, you should choose menus that are cooked with heat. For example, stir-fried vegetables, soup with vegetables instead of fresh vegetable dishes, such as salad food, papaya salad because the COVID-19 virus will be destroyed at temperatures higher than 70 degrees Celsius.
4. Vegetables should add to the food menu every time, such as tom yum goong with mushrooms or noodles with special topping. Vegetables, etc.
5. Fruits are a source of vitamin C and many minerals. In addition to emphasizing freshness to preserve the value of nutrients You should choose fruits with thick peels such as oranges, bananas, dragon fruit, mangosteen, and kiwi because the peel helps protect the fruit from viruses and bacteria.
6. Plan to prepare cut vegetables and fruits to take to the office to eat. It will help save money and be safe from germs
7. You should avoid drinking fruit juice that has not been squeezed yourself. Because we don’t know whether the production process is safe or not. It is recommended to drink unsweetened boxed fruit juice instead. Or maybe blend the juice to eat yourself.
8. Choose to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors. At least 3 colors a day will cause you to receive many types of phytochemicals. It will help the body to have good health.